Charismatic Leadership – How to Become a Charismatic Leader?

Many people think of charisma as something mystical, not identifiable. Perceive it as something innate, something that cannot be achieved all lifelong. But this is not true.

Charisma is the ability to attract people. And like the other traits, you can develop it yourself. And for that you need to:

- Love to live. People love those who love life. Think about, for example, those with whom you truly want to be? With brawler, blinded, permanently depressed? Of course not! Our favorites are happy and not complain people. They relate to life with all the heat. If you want to attract people, ourselves should feel the bright taste of life.

- To give everyone and A+! Hardly not the best of what you can do for people, but at the same time to attract them to you. If you appreciate the people around you, encourage them in various endeavors and help them realize their potential, they will love you for that.

- To give people hope. Our biggest assets – it is the hope. If you are able to become a man, which gives it, the greatest gift to others, they will be attracted to you and will forever be grateful.

- Share yourself and your strengths. Stepping on life with different people, give them everything you have. Let your wisdom, your resources and even some special events to become their property also.

When it comes to charisma, something important here is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person. Genuine charisma inherent to those people who, before thinking about themself, first, reflect on others and what others care about.

How would you describe yourself when it comes to charisma? Is there any other natural attraction to you? Do you really liking the other? If not, then it is possible that you share some of the following qualities:

- Pride. Nobody wants to be with a man who thinks he is better than anyone in the world.

- Lack of confidence in yourself. If you do not feel comfortable with yourself, others around you will also experience a similar feeling.

- Whimsical. If people do not know what to expect from you, they will not expect anything.

- Excessive demands. People respect a commitment to excellence, but they fear of absolutely unrealistic expectations.

- Cynicism. People do not want be with those who on the path of each ray of hope sees a dark cloud.

So, to become the happy owner of surprising properties of charisma, you should make in your live the following accents:

- Change the object which you are focus on. Talking to people, notice yourself, what percentage of your words are focused on you personally. Do this in order to shift the balance in favor of the interlocutor.

- Get the first impression. For the first time confronted with someone, take a maximum effort to make a good impression. Without without hypocrisy, not playing games! Focus on the interests of people, be positive, and most importantly, treat him as a person to whom you would give a strong “A”. If you will learn to communicate with people this way, it will immediately lead to an increase in your credibility.

- Share with others what you have. Make your long-term goal willingness to share your resources with others. Think about how this year you can make an additional value in life, for example, five people from your community. Do it.

Once a salon owner in Washington was asked to share the secret of how she manages to acquire so many rich and famous people. “It’s the words uttered at a meeting and parting,” – she said. When a visitor entered her house, she always greeted him with the words: “Finally you come!”. And to anyone who left the house, she always said: “I’m sorry you are leaving so quickly!” She was always focused on others rather than herself. This is the charisma.


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