Color Psychology – Our Clothes are Our Moods

Color psychology can say a lot about your personality. It turns out, by choosing the color of your clothes, it’s like you were writing on your body: “I am passionate” or “It’s better to leave me alone” or “I am a business woman” and so on.

Everything in life is important, especially from the point of view of psychology. Every detail, every color in our clothing is very significant. Not so many know about the existence of the link between psychology and color preferences in clothing.  Those who know about this, are able to see at a glance the mood and character of anybody.

Color Psychology

What color psychology tells about the color of clothing?

Let’s start with the “extreme” colors of our clothes – white and black.

Psychology of white color is impregnated with optimism and pure intentions. Those who are dressed in white are considered creative person who lacks perseverance.

Psychology of black color in clothes is opposed in everything except creativity. This tone indicates a calm spirit. People dressed in black, according to psychologists, in a way have a negative and distrust view for everything. In life, they are often full of doubts.

Psychologically speaking, the man dressed in gray, wants to be a low-key, thus downplaying his importance. Psychologists recommend to such people to work hard on self-esteem.

The psychology of brown color speaks about an honest and self-confident person. Such people are characterized by:  reliability, integrity and success.

About red clothing owners, psychology says only good things: bold optimists who easily cope with negative emotions, adventure lovers.

Purple color clothing shows the development of the creative beginning of its owner. In addition, psychologists have noted that women (as well as men) in a purple robe have very painful self-esteem and are very superstitious.

The blue in clothes represents conservatism and loyalty, first and foremost, its principles and ideals. Who walks in blue – is a good friend who will never be a burden and ballast. From the point of view of psychology, these people are ideal friends, because they always empathize with those in needs and are happy for those who succeed.

Green color point to a trustful person, always ready to open communication. Psychologists noted in such persons – high adaptability, confidence and consistency in their actions and habits. In addition, they have inborn optimism and easy attitude to any event.

Orange color in clothing is the symbol of motivation and ambition. People in orange robes are as cold as powerful. These people, with their intelligence and activity, make the world go round.

The yellow clothes have pronounced shades of intelligence and creativity. People in yellow robes are notable artists. Psychology divides yellow clothes in two parts. Pale yellow – means uncertainty, and bright yellow- on the contrary, self-confidence.

Well, we talked about some features of the psychology of colors in clothes. However, there are thousands of shades that could fundamentally change the value of a character trait. So coming soon more color psychology.

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