How to be a Leader at School – User Guide

So you are wondering how to be a leader at school or in the classroom? 

Here are the good news first: “American social psychologists recently completed a series of experiments to identify leadership qualities. It turns out that a leader may not even be a very competent person who knows how to talk“.

In general, the competence was never in first place in the grounds of the leader. The main factor is the ability to communicate with people and leadership behavior. Scientists from the University of California, led by Cameron Anderson and Gavin Kilduff found that the more a person speaks and offers to team, the more authoritative and competent, it seems.

Step by step Instruction on How to be a Leader at School

How to be a Leader at School


  • Self confidence
  • Optimism
  • Eloquence
  • Literate speech
  • Ability to convince


  • Man is able to learn almost anything. Including to become a leader. And it is does not necessary to be the smartest, the tallest, the most beautiful or the most powerful. Enough to just believe in yourself, your uniqueness and to convince others of it.
  • First, find your own “flavor”. It might be such skills as fascinating narrative of different stories, brilliant ability to play chess, and perhaps ventriloquism. These unique abilities, which you could find in yourself, and those that you can still develop.
  • Finding and developing you own “flavor” – it’s only half the battle. You need to learn to respect your skills and abilities, to believe in them and appreciate. If you have a positive attitude to even the most simple things, you will be able to see things from an optimistic position. The leader of the school will never be unsure of their abilities.
  • Choose the right time and place to demonstrate your uniqueness to classmates . For example, the class hour or math class will not be the best time to show off your singing talent or tricks. But  you can safely express your talent on the creative classes, school parties or classmate’s birthday.
  • Leadership – is something more than authority and power. Rather, it implies the capacity to make important decisions and taking responsibility.
  • So how to stand out at school? How to be a Leader at School? Any leader must be able to articulate their thoughts and captivate the audience with his idea. So you can take courses of public speaking, rhetoric and practice in front of a mirror with a voice recorder. Listening to the recorded words will help you get rid of parasites, to begin to replenish your meager vocabulary and make your speech more emotional.
  • Every leader needs to have his own opinion. It is not necessary to show it on every occasion, but you should not be afraid to express an opinion that is different from the majority. The point of view of the leader can  disprove and contest, but it will always be respected. And in fact the respect of  classmates is the first step towards achieving the goal – winning the honorary title of the leader of the school.

Pay attention

  • Self-confidence does not need to turn you into opinionated.
  •  Development of leadership skills requires persistence and time.

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