Left Hemisphere vs. Right Hemisphere

Did you hear people saying that they tend to use more right hemisphere than left hemisphere of the brain? From books to TV, you have probably heard this phrase mentioned by many people or maybe you did this online test to find out what category you involve.

brain hemispheres comparation

What is the theory related to right hemisphere and left hemisphere?

According to the theory of dominance of one cerebral hemisphere, each part of the brain controls different types of thinking. People prefer one type of thinking than other. For example, a person who “thinks with the left hemisphere” is often considered more logical, analytical and objective, while a person who “thinks with the right hemisphere” is considered more intuitive and subjective thinking.

In psychology, the theory is based on lateralized cerebral functions. Each part of the brain controls specific functions. Do people think with right or left hemisphere? Like many myths in psychology, this has a real basis, which has been distorted and exaggerated.

This theory has its origins in Roger Sperry’s work, winner of Nobel Prize. In 1981, neurosurgeon Roger Sperry won the Nobel Prize for experimental demonstration of the specific function of the two cerebral hemispheres. A neural complex substance underlying brain and called corpus callosum, constitutes a system of interconnection between the two hemispheres. Through this structure those hemispheres communicate, ensuring a coherent function of the entire central nervous system.

For this reason, deep and conflicting nature of our mind was less clear experimentally, thus it was difficult to premise for an adequate theoretical construction. Cutting the corpus callosum to a patient suffering from epilepsy gave a chance to Sperry to demonstrate experimentally that the two hemispheres have different functions and practical work independently. Experiments have shown that one hemisphere (usually the left) is specialized in linear, analytical processing of environmental information.

Left hemisphere is the location of language and speech it implies linguistic aspects of writing, ability of intellect to be logical, reading, writing and speaking. These are the aspects that form Western culture also they are related to the left hemisphere.

The other hemisphere of the cortex works differently and is responsible for global processing rather than individual issues. The aspects of this hemisphere deal with holistic approach, abstract, creative and imaginative. Here is the location of emotions and spatial visualization of dreams.

 Characteristics of people, depending on the dominant hemisphere:

Right hemisphere:

-          Are self- confident;

-          Like philosophy and religion;

-          Are creative;

-          Romantic and dreamy;

-          Can understand non-verbal language;

-          Intuition fully functioning;

-          Are always thinking about present and future.

Left hemisphere:

-          Are with a rigid logic;

-          Like numbers;

-          Math and science;

-          Are practices;

-          Calculated;

-          Love safety;

-          Present and past;

-          Always want to learn something;

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