Why You Aren’t A Millionaire Yet. 10 Reasons

Thus, by the way, why do you still have not become a millionaire? Think of the fact that there is little you earn? No way! The point is not how much money you can get, but rather on what and how you spend day after day.

how to become a millionaire

1. You worry too much about what the neighbors think about you.

2. You are impatient.

Before mankind invented credit cards, it was pretty hard to spend more money than you had. Now everything is different. If you have always occurs on the receivable loan from the fact that you do not have the patience to wait until the next paycheck, you should know: you are deep in debt, while others are getting rich at your expense.

3. You have bad habits.

No matter what it is – smoking, drinking, gambling or something else. They take a lot of money that could be used to strengthen your wealth. Some people just do not realize that their spending habits eventually far exceed the amount that they actually spend on them. Take smoking as an example: not only you spend on cigarettes, you have extra costs for health insurance due to an increased risk of certain diseases. The same is true in the case of property insurance.

4. You do not have goals.

It is extremely difficult to achieve financial prosperity, if you can not find some time to decide what you want from this life. If you have not set a goal, you will have nothing to attain. Just to say: “I want to be a Millionaire” would be insufficient. You should spend time defining the goals you want to achieve with the help of savings and investment commission. The sooner you decide the objectives, the sooner you will have a clear plan of how to meet them.

5. You are not prepared properly.

Even with the best people happen periodically trouble. So if you do not protect yourself by using insurance, your every state can disappear in an instant.

6. You are trying to make “quick money”.

The vast majority of our wealth is not dumped on our head. You can say that there are about a dozen people who were fortunate enough to win the lottery, but in reality the likelihood that you will hit the lightning is much higher than the probability of winning the lottery. The same can be said about the desire to invest in such a way that you would get quick and high profit.

7. You hope that someone else will take care of your money.

You are sure that other people have much more knowledge and skills when it comes to money. So you always follow their advice when taking a decision on cash deposits. We’ll have to disappoint you. Most people prefer to earn money for themselves and not for someone else, so when they tell you where to best invest the money what they have in mind is “better for them.” Tips from people are certainly useful, but only as a source of new ideas. The final decision you must make by your own.

8. You invest your money in instruments that you do not understand how they work.

Someone told you that Uncle Bob has earned lots of money on it. So you have decided to sit down next to the manger. If Uncle Bob was truly able to make money, it is only because he knew how to work his investment. Putting money into something without having the slightest idea of ​​how your money will work, and to console yourself with the thought that someone you know has already done it will not lead you to riches.

9. You are afraid of financial risk.

You are afraid of losing all your money from risky financial operations that keep their savings under the mattress, not realizing that this is a sure way to lose money. Inflation for several years will turn them into nothing. So why not try to invest your savings where the rate of return is ahead of inflation?

10. You do not care about your financial condition.

You are sure that once you earn enough, your finances by themselves somehow will find out what’s what. In that sense, if you have any debts, then they automatically pay in the future. Unfortunately, in order to make a serious condition that must all be carefully planned. . Most likely, there is no one specifically, but a whole range of reasons from the list to blame for the fact that you still can not call yourself a millionaire. Carefully review all of 10 points.

Remember: to become a millionaire is in your power, but you should be prepared to cope with those moments that stop you from doing so.

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