Can you really Get Rich in the “Kiyosaki’s” Way?

Robert Kiyosaki, an American of Japanese descent, a prominent businessman and writer, author of many books, of which the most popular – “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has excited the world with the idea that each person can, if he desires to achieve great wealth.

And it does not need any receiving education or pursuing a lifetime of hard work. It is only necessary to find an idea that will make for you money, and then make the money work for you! Many people, inspired by the books of Kiyosaki, dream to retire young and rich, to live happily and enjoy all the good things of life.

But why, in practice, still only a few get real wealth?

In short the entire system of Robert Kiyosaki can be represented in the form of several rules.

1. You must passionately want to get rich. A small, weak desire does not lead you to success. You must with all your heart hate poverty, lack of money, and literally light up the idea to gain financial freedom. Only this passion and inner fire can lead you to wealth.

2. You must be certain that you deserve wealth and you’ll certainly attain it. If you have typical thoughts such as “I will never get rich,” “I can not afford expensive things,” “I have to save,” etc. – You will not get rich. To become rich, you must begin to think like a rich man, namely, “I can make money,” “I can afford anything,” etc.

3. You need to get rid of the fear of losing money. In order to get rich you must constantly invest money, only then they will work for you. This is a risk, and in this way there are inevitable losses. Most people can’t get rich precisely because it is too hard to survive the loss of money and are afraid of it. Are you ready for nine times in a row to fail and lose money if the tenth is a win and will pay all of your losses? Those who bravely replied, “yes,” has a chance of great wealth.

4. You will have to reduce your spending, postpone the purchase of luxury items to the best of times: a rich man, first invested in the investment business, and only then buys something for himself. Most people come the other way round: buy expensive things to look rich. Many people do it, but looking rich does not mean being rich: if you have an expensive car, house, country house, but it is all bought on credit or on the latest money and you do not have available funds that would work for you, then you’re not rich, but poor.

5. You need to reduce liabilities and increase assets. Liabilities – it’s something that requires expenditure without making any profit: apartment, house (if you live in it as well or lease), the machine (if you do not earn money with it), etc. Assets – all that brings you the money business, investments, real estate, rent, etc. If you have no assets or too little – you will not get rich.

6. You must be willing to withdraw from employment and start your own business. This is the only way you can create a good asset and earn enough money for future investment – because real wealth is created by the investment. You should not be stopped by the lack of seed capital – remember that we live in an information age, when for a successful business is important above all a good idea. If you can figure out how to do something good for a large number of people at minimal cost and maximum profit – you have a chance to lay the foundations for a successful business.

7. Even if you have still very little money, you need to master the art of investing. Improve your financial literacy, learn all the possible ways of investing money – in mutual funds, stocks, banks, real estate, precious metals, etc. Begin to gradually invest, learn to receive from these investments a quick profit (ex. buying and selling shares), and eventually with the condition of the development of your own business you can become a quite large investor to sell your business to retire and live only on the income from investments. And then it will come to you the desired financial freedom.

8. This rule, perhaps is the most important, you should really love money. You have to constantly think about them, talk about them, look for new ways to multiply. This should be interesting for you, fun pastime. If you are not very interested in everything related to finance – chances that you have a great wealth are little.

In one of his books, Robert Kiyosaki admits that at one time he wanted to be a pilot. But business, real estate, investments and big money were for him more attractive. The man, whose real mission is to fly, does not abandon it for any billions.

In various areas you can find people willing to do what he likes, even for free – and who dares to call them unhappy, even if they are not rich?

To acquire a vocation is what happiness is, just everyone has it in his own way. To become really rich, it is necessary to have a calling to it, like any other business. In the books of financial literacy there are many useful tips that can apply in practice, really anyone, and perhaps improve their welfare.

But you’ll really get rich, only if the money will become your motto.

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