Socially Jobs Description: Psychologist, Sociologist, Teacher, Politician

Working with people is probably the most exciting of all: for it is never boring and monotonous. However, those who decided to tie their career with the social and educational sphere, certainly need strong nerves.

Political scientist

political scientist

The political scientist can be a politician, and civil servant, and PR expert, and expert consultant. He knows how to organize the election campaigns, political actions, has political technologies, is able to analyze the political situation. Usually this person is sociable, with the skills of a diplomat and a power struggle.

What you should know and be able to do
You need to understand the structure of the legislative and executive authorities, to know and track the changes in legislation, have analytical skills. It will be useful business writing skills: Depending on the place of work you will have to make reports, answer inquiries, prepare press releases, speeches, presentations for presentations, etc.

Do not expect to find on the job sites unemployed politician – they are not there. Graduates, in which diplomas there is the meaning of this qualification, work in very different places. Some find jobs in their field – for example, in the apparatus of the Party, government or the Parliament, the political consulting firm in the GR-office manager (the interaction with the government) in commercial companies or public organizations. Most are within the scope of public relations and media. Peak demand for political scientists in this country is over, because the number of election campaigns has been appreciably reduced. Nevertheless, a single design work on the remaining elections could be found. At the enviable income you can count on GR-office manager, but to get such work will only experienced professionals who have established contacts with the authorities. Therefore, it is to start a career in the government, in any lower position – it will give also contacts among officials and politicians, and knowledge of the inner kitchen. With such an experience you can then go to the political consultants, experts and publicists.



Sociologist is watching life, their surroundings, trying to understand how it is arranged. But he does so not at the household level, but scientific methods – using data analysis, mathematical statistics. He must be observant and attentive, and have good brains that do not rust from the constant analysis.

When choosing a place of study you should pay attention not only to the program and the possibility of practical training, but also the reputation of the institute or faculty. Specialization will help determine the future direction of your life: schools of sociology, offers of advertising, marketing, management, labor and entrepreneurship, social psychology, sociology and other analytics.

What you should know and be able to do
The main skill of a sociologist is an analysis of social phenomena and processes. You need to know different kind of mathematical analysis – factor, cluster, regression, variance. It is necessary to know the statistics, run the program SPSS, to be able to make surveys and questionnaires, conducting quantitative and qualitative research. Especially quantitative – they are much more in demand. Foreign languages would be required if you intend to pursue careers in international companies.


famous psychologists

A psychologist helps people cope with their relationships with others or with themselves. Family psychologists can help build relations between the spouses and children, to help cope with the syndrome of burnout, fear, mental trauma and l experienced domestic violence, raise self-esteem and confidence. All this is done not with medication ways, but with the help of special rehabilitative techniques.

Specialty “Psychology” will provide an opportunity to explore different areas of psychological assistance. Many majors will orient where to direct their career interests: counseling, social psychology, ethnic psychology, developmental psychology and developmental psychology, psychology of work and organizational psychology, psychophysiology, clinical psychology, etc.

What you should know and be able to do
Branches of psychology are countless, so every psychologist chooses the technology and the paradigm in which to work. In the profession of psychologist is welcome good knowledge of specific techniques for mastering the course of which the institute is not enough, so psychologists are often additional training and education programs, and receive their certificates – for example, Gestalt psychology, systemic family constellations, working with injuries and so on. “We often work with the direct expression of strong feelings and difficult, and it is important to maintain and take, be it tears, anger or panic”.

Most jobs offer psychologists work with children and teenagers – in kindergartens, schools, colleges, social-psychological and developmental centers. In clinics, rehabilitation centers, a clinical psychologist is a special caste of the profession. The most advanced psychologists are opening their own centers, which provide training, counseling, family constellations and other events. Recently, coaches have become popular – it’s consultants, often grown from therapists who work with senior business people and leaders. Private practice counselor, therapist or coach brings the most revenue.


teacher job description

No matter how you say that teachers should love their children, this quality is not dominant. Rather, they should be passionate about their work – only in this case the child will be able to actually learn something. The ability to be in contact with those who teach also is a mandatory feature of the teacher. And of course, be useful in this profession an innate calmness, patience and good humor.

Teacher training institutions produce teachers for all compulsory subjects taught in school: math, Russian and literature, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, biology and so on. Interactive teaching methods are not yet so widespread in our country, and in the institutes they do not teach them about, so for the young teachers will be very useful to take additional courses. Using interactive techniques transform lessons into exciting experience.

What you should know and be able to
Knowledge of the subject is not discussed, but many other skills of the teacher are not always obvious even to those who intend to engage in this profession. Education is a constant communication with the audience, and it is well to hold. In addition, the teacher should be interested in the holistic development of the child, not just to drum into his head his subject.

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