The Source Of Addiction

What is Addiction and What is Freedom


  • Condition when a person cannot fully control himself;
  • Control from outside;
  • Person lives effortless – goes with the flow;
  • The person does not understand how you can live without depending on something;


  • The state in which man himself can control all facets of his life – the mood, occupation, behavior;
  • Control from inside;
  • Life-style doing efforts – a daily struggle;
  • The person does not understand how one can live depending on something;
Brain Scan - Alcohol, drug addiction

Brain Scan – alcoholic – drug – addict – obese – normal

Source of Addiction

All type of addictions (alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, etc.) have common mechanisms that are directly related to a particular personality type.

The human tendency to addiction can be determined immediately after the birth of a child. However, tendency doesn’t mean – addiction yet. Education of the child and the environment in which an adult lives, determines if this tendency will manifest or not. Ignoring the needs of the child, depriving him of autonomy, excessive protection, criticism and decreasing self-esteem can lead to addiction.

Closest people who are forced to take part in the life of a drug addict (alcoholic, gamers, etc.), perceive the situation as a tragedy, because they do not have information. They do not know why it happened and how to solve the problem.

Helplessness and lack of understanding in this matter concern not only ordinary people, but also professionals. And even there are made theoretical studies on addiction and developed treatment techniques aid, there is still no results. Doctors can remove the symptoms for some time, they can interrupt the process, but they still cannot return the person to complete an independent life.

And it is not their fault. We all are hostages of defective, narrow world view, now adopted in our society. So let’s look broader at the phenomenon of addiction.

Methadone Addiction effect on Brain

Methadone Use Effect on Brain

Addiction – 1) the inability to do without anything, and 2) subordination to a foreign power, in the absence of independence and freedom.

In drug addiction (alcohol, tobacco, food, etc.) distinguish physical and psychological dependence. Some drug addiction can be deadly. There are many addiction treatment centers that can help.

The cause of physical addiction

The cause of physical addiction is the ability of certain vegetable or synthetic compounds to compete with internal regulators of vital processes in humans.

For prolonged or continuous supply inside, it replaces the “native” connection. The body, maintaining homeostasis (the constancy of the internal environment), will ”close the domestic production”. There appears the addiction of external receipts.

Causes of psychological addiction

What drives a teenager to the “first test”, and then the second and the third? Imitation, the herd instinct or desire to stand out? Self-esteem, curiosity, the desire for pleasure or weakness of character?

To Each His Own. Causes of psychological addiction is in human nature itself. And we can only get closer to their understanding.

One of the important characteristics of the mental craving for the drug is that if there is a serious conflict of life associated with the use, craving is suppressed. And if there is a problem not related to the substances and their use - drive increases. This is for lookingat the symptoms - just to find out if there is a relationship right now.

Another cause of addiction could be malaise, meeting with friends / acquaintances with who previously were drug addicted,talk about drugs and how they use. The appearance in a person’s life, some  positive emotional enthusiasm can easily, without the psychiatrist and severe punishment, reduce the mental addiction.

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