Top 10 Psychology Facebook Groups

A few days ago I’ve finished a small personal research, to determine who are the most accurate, useful and worth to be joined psychology groups on Facebook.

The list is not necessarily ascending or descending. It just enumerates the Facebook Groups, that in may opinion can broaden your knowledge on psychology by offering great resources and carrying controversial discussions.

So now, it will take you a few minutes to check them and a lifetime to learn your unconscious.

1. Association for Transpersonal Psychology

Association for Transpersonal Psychology

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ABOUT: “The ATP’s mission is to promote eco-spiritual transformation through transpersonal inquiry and action. Recognizing the reciprocity inherent between our actions and our world, the Association is dedicated to encouraging and enhancing practices and perspectives that will lead to the conscious and sustainable co-evolution of culture, nature, and society. “

2. Aura & Soul Psychology

Aura and Soul Psychology
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ABOUT: “This psychology group offers a space to deeply explore the Soul. Most post are derived from my page:
The group setting give an opportunity for us to explore the posts and exchange ideas and intuitions.”

3. Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32

Society for Humanistic Psychology

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ABOUT: “Humanistic Psychologists are oriented toward promoting the psychological development and growth of individuals, families, and communities through the support of their own creative and self-initiated efforts.”

4. Evulutionary Psychology

Evulutionary Psychology

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ABOUT: ”Evolutionary Psychology is an open-access peer-reviewed journal that aims to foster communication between experimental and theoretical work on the one hand and historical, conceptual and interdisciplinary writings across the whole range of the biological and human sciences on the other.”

5. Psychology and Neuroscience

Psychology and Neuroscience

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ABOUT: “The objective of this psychology group is to spread awareness about Psychology, Neuroscience and Neuropsychology. This is a forum where people can post information related to topics of Psychology and Neuroscience. There will be articles, links and discussions. We can discuss topics that are connected to psychological and social issues that concern our day to day lives. Veterans in these fields will also get interesting study materials and video posts here.”

6. Psychology Group

Psych Group

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ABOUT: ”This group is for all those who are interested in psychology.Here,anybody can share their views, knowledge, ideas and doubts about psychology.”

7. Carl Jung Depth Psychology


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ABOUT: ”This psychology group is for those interested in the work of Dr. Carl Jung and his work in Depth Psychology. Freedom of speech is encouraged but this freedom ends at the doorway of proper social etiquette.”

8. Psychology and Psychiatry

Psychology and Psychiatry

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ABOUT:  “Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychiatry, Psychological Warfare, Community Mental Health Issues, Counselling, The Analysis on Unofficial Counselling and Counsellors such as Faith Healers, Agony Aunts, etc.), Information on Counselling Courses and Studies at Universities; Criminology and Psychological Profiling of Criminals, Psychological Analysis on Belief Systems and Communities; “

9. Psychology Surveys

Psychology Surveys


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ABOUT: “If you are conducting research in psychology and would like more participants post your online survey/details on this page.”

10. Psychology Lovers

psychology lovers

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ABOUT: “Psychology Lovers aims to raise awareness of how Psychology touches on all aspects of our lives! ”


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